YESTERWEB is a community which acknowledges that today's internet is lacking in creativity, self-expression, and good digital social infrastructure.

SADGRL.ONLINE This is a personal website, one which is dedicated to helping others carve out their own space on the internet.

CRUSHCAPITALISM this site contains notes, definitions and reading summaries regarding capitalism and its opposite: Marxism.

NASA E-BOOKS leavin this one here for when ill get my motivation n interest back for outer space stuff.

Z-LIBRARY cool website for downloading ebooks or pdf's for books!

The Web Is Fucked is a manifesto by Kev Quirk looking back at Web 1.0 and why it was better.

WHY NFT'S SUCK a nice lil nft text on why they suck!

WEIRDWIDEWEBRING click on it to surf for some random weird n fun websites! become a member of the SANRIO community!

Freerice Answer questions to help donate to charity!