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im sixtoesss, a romanian 21 yo that has too much time on their handz. i grew up with the internet, im cronically addicted to it and 24/7 online, thought that i might as well create my own lil web corner. this website is also a way for me to protest to social media because, fuck it srsly. it has fucked with my head enough and im gettin tired!

it frustrates me that the only form of internet most people use is IG, twitter and tiktok, sites that use YOU for data and money. they feed you what you get to see and they also don't allow you ANY custom options. THEY CENSOR everything you do and say. when ppl code, post, create their own spaces on the internet and DISCOVER eachother we feel free. we use the internet which holds 1.7 BILLION WEBSITES FFS and we've been hypnotized to only use 3? even using google to surf the web is pointless when mdfkrs use ADs and paid preferences to get their website to the top.

U can also find me on my soundcloud (im a DJ!) and instagram

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took off the webamp, it wont accept any skins its so annoying UGH

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   sixtoesss's interests
General art, music, fashion, moviez bunch of shit
Music Porcelain and The Tramps, White Ring, SALEM, Crystal Castles, The Gazette
Movies Blade Runner, Nightcrawler, Hard Candy, Slumdog Millionaire, Memories of Murder, Whats Eating Gilberts Grape, Climax
Television Daisy in Love, Rock of Love, Bad Girls Club, The Simple Life, Mr. Robot, Black Mirror
Games Aion, Blade & Soul, GTA V, Wizard101
Heroes ruki, kyo, bill kaulitz, lady gaga, porcelain black

   sixtoesss's details
Status: Single4Life
Here for: nothing and at what cost r we really here...
Orientation: slayy
Hometown: somewhere in romania.
Body Type: 5'5/skeleton
Ethnicity: white
Sign: scorpio
Smoke / Drink: yes  /  yes
Children: NO THANKS
Education: In Highschool
Occupation: rotting away