YESTERWEB is a community which acknowledges that today's internet is lacking in creativity, self-expression, and good digital social infrastructure.

SADNESS the coolest and most informed and helpful individual ive came across on neocities.

The Web Is Fucked is a manifesto by Kev Quirk looking back at Web 1.0 and why it was better.

OOCITIES an archive of 1990s and 2000s geocities websites.

WHY NFT'S SUCK a nice lil nft text on why they suck!

WEIRDWIDEWEBRING click on it to surf for some random weird n fun websites.

FILLSTER myspace layouts and assets u can copy n paste on ur own page.

FLAMING TEXT fancy text for ur site or other personal use.

WEBNEKO if u wanna get a kitty that follows ur cursor for ur website!


CARGO a bunch of extremly cool layouts and websites created and used by artists, really great for inspo.

Drive and Listen come n travel around the world directly from ur computer!

tetsunago cute mascots from around the world idk.

The Flipside Story sexy mobile phone archive.

HATELIST literally just a hatelist, its pretty funny.

DJ LADY TRIBE a very important tribute/shrine for the one n only multi talented dj lady tribe lol.

fonts lol hundreds of pirated fonts, rlly useful.

EV01 is a free n safe online movie streaming site where you can stream free movies and TV shows in HD quality.

Z-LIBRARY cool website for downloading ebooks or pdf's for books, u can also try libgen.

COBALT save what you love. no ads, trackers, or other creepy bullshit.

FITGIRL not linking this one for obvious reasons, google it n u can get ANY game u want from there.

CG PERSIA nltofor, u can download a bunch of tutorials, assets and softwares for 3D art, Graphic Design, Web Design etc.

G-MEH get ANY music software u need.

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